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Due to bouyancy, there is less stress through

the lower limbs when standing in water. This means

normal walking pattern can be achieved in those

people who are unable to fully weight bear due to pain, or following injury. The amount of weight taken through the lower limbs can be graded depending on the depth of water.


Returning to a normal walking or running

pattern following injury can be quicker if rehab starts in the pool. 


In addition to improving walking and muscle strength exercising in the pool is an excellent way of improving core stability and strength.  Once floating, gentle movements can be used to train the 'core' muscles, in the same way as Pilates or swiss ball training.


Aquatic physiotherapy can also be beneficial to those with neurological impairment as the warm water and soothing movements can relax muscles and reduce tone.




The benefits of aquatic physiotherapy are:


- Increasing movement, balance and strength

- Weight bearing

- Improving walking patterns

- Improving Cardio-vascular fitness

- Reducing swelling

- Effective pain relief

Aquatic Physiotherapy